Monday, November 16, 2015

Transplant Month is Here!

Apologies for the lack of posts these past couple of months! 

After round 1 our family was able to take a well deserved vacation to Myrtle Beach SC, for some rest and relaxation! We were so thankful that Curt's oncologist allowed us all to take this trip and make some beach memories. We were also able to celebrate Curtis and Lori's 30th wedding anniversary as well as Joseph's 30th birthday! 

Quick Recap:
Curtis completed a total of 3 rounds of R-ICE chemotherapy since the last update. Overall he had the worst side effects from round 1 and round 3. Thankfully round 2 was a dream and Curt quickly recovered his counts and got back to his daily routine quicker than usual.

These three rounds of chemo are called induction chemo prior to the bone marrow transplant. In order for Curt's body to have his body accept the transplant as well as prevent further cancer from returning, it must be completely destroyed (the cancer that is).

After the three rounds were completed, he went back for a repeat PET scan which is a test that basically takes a picture and highlights any residual cancer. The purpose of the repeat scan was to identify how well the three rounds of chemo had worked. 

Unfortunately, the cancer had only reduced by 30%, which baffled our family at first. After speaking with the team of oncologists, they were actually pleased that the cancer responded at all. 
We were still anxious as we were told that his body must be virtually free of cancer prior to receiving the transplant. 

Thats where Curtis' next journey comes into play. The Monday after Thanksgiving, he will be admitted to the hospital in Dallas for a week of high dose chemotherapy as well as high dose radiation therapy which should zap the rest of the cancer that chose to hang on. After this week, dad will hopefully be able to receive the transplant. 

Stay tuned for more details about Curt's donor, the process, and his journey to day zero and BEYOND!

Thankful for all of you!

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