Friday, December 4, 2015

Day -1...again

Welcome back!
Wanted to give everyone an update on Curt's journey. As you learned in the last post, Curt has undergone two days of high intensity chemotherapy and today marks his 5th and 6th total body irradiation doses.

Total body irradiation is the other part of his treatment "cocktail" before the transplant. Twice a day, Curt goes into a small room where the entire room is filled with radiation which is hopefully erasing the last signs of cancer. These sessions last for approximately 30 minutes and often leave curt feeling drained and nauseated.

We have struggled with getting his nausea under control, and the only medication that seems to work is making him sleep. Because of this, he was unable to eat anything yesterday. He could really used some focused thoughts and prayers that he feels some relief from the nausea. Often times you will see a transplant patient come out of the hospital weighing at least 10 pounds less, as all of the side effects really take a toll on a patient's nutritional status.

Now for the big update! Curt's bone marrow transplant doctor is pleased with how the treatment is progressing. He also let us know that the transplant would be moved back to Saturday. The reason for this is, the donor's cells will not arrive to Dallas until 3:00 am Saturday morning therefore unable to be given until Saturday afternoon. Curt was pretty bummed that it was pushed back a day, but the doctor said this is extremely common, and we all know there is a reason!

I think it will be beneficial because he will not have two radiation treatments right before transplant and he will hopefully get a bit of a rest, before he will start different chemo medications to prevent rejection of his new cells.

Thank you all for your comments and prayers! If you were unable to pop a (birthday) card in the mail for Curtis, now's your chance! Since he is unable to have any visitors in the room, your love through mail would definitely brighten his day.

Baylor Cancer Hospital
Curtis Freeman C718
3500 Gaston Avenue
Dallas, TX 75246

We are so thankful that this day is almost here, and I look forward to updating everyone on how tomorrow goes! December 5th sounds like a great day to all of us!


  1. I will be praying for your family and especially Curtis. The Lord is with you. Blessings and love. Cindie Vaughan

  2. Lori, Casey and Katy, Your sweet daddy is now in our prayers. As we believe that God is a mighty healer. We ask him to guide the sergeants hands and make Perfect Curtis body. We will continue to stand in prayer with you for total healing. Love and hugs to you ALL.

  3. Thanks for the update Casey. Tell your Dad we are all praying for a great recovery and to keep up the fight!